Some mall items found with molds after mall is closed for two months

The pandemic outbreak has caused drastic changes to the everyday life of people all over the world. Amusement Parks, Malls, markets and all other places which are swarmed with a lot of people every single day are closed until further notice. Plus, people are encouraged to stay indoors in order to prevent further spread of the disease.

Image: Nex Nezeum/Facebook

After almost two months of this setup, people are now slowly going back to their normal lives but precautionary measures are still being implemented. With this, a few mall workers started to go back to their shops to check on their stocks before the “new normal” setup starts to be implemented.

Image: Nex Nezeum/Facebook

Sadly, in Malaysia, they discovered that some of their products can no longer be sold after these were left uncared for, for the last two months.

According to World of Buzz, a netizen recently shared photos of their no longer “saleable” products. Specifically, the leather good which now has molds all over them.

Almost every single product that is made of leather were full of molds. From shoes, bags, belts, wallets, they were all covered in a bumpy, discolored layer of mold, most of the merchandise is completely ruined.

Image: Nex Nezeum/Facebook

One merchandise which was priced at RM679 ($155) is seen full of molds and obviously no longer worthy of its price.

There is still no direct or concrete cause as to the growth of molds on these products. But, many have speculated that humidity may have accumulated in the mall’s air after the air-conditioning was switched off for over two months.

Image: Nex Nezeum/Facebook

Also, the fact that there were no employees to handle these products may have also contributed to the growth of the molds.

It surely is a sad discovery for these employees and it will also be a loss to the shop owners. This just proves that the global crisis that we are now facing can truly affect now just the people’s health but also the livelihood of others.