Hungry stray cat leads woman to pet food store and points what he wants

Animals often have a clever way of clinging to human beings. May it be to seek help, to try and find a new family or simply have a fun time.

With the animals being cute and fluffy at the same time, its really hard for humans to resists their charms.

Image credits: conejo_elgato

Just like in the experience who ended up adopting a car after the stray animal did something memorable to her.

According to Metro, a stray cat has been roaming around the streets of Mexico and was struggling to find food. So, the cat started off with following random customers in hopes that they will give him even just their leftover food.

Image credits: conejo_elgato

Then, one woman started playing ball with the cat as it was attracted to the animal when she first saw it. The woman was Tania Lizbeth Santos Coy Tova, a 33-year-old primary school teacher.

She first spotted the cat staring at her from across the street. Later, the stray cat started following her. Then, to Tania’s surprise, the clever cat led her to a nearby shop that sells pet food. The cat even had a specific taste as it kept pointing to that particular meal.

Image credits: conejo_elgato

The managers of the store explained to Tania that the stray always did the same thing with customers. He understood specific hours and waited until a kind passerby would take pity on him and purchase some food.

Image: Tania Lizbeth Santos Coy Tova

Tania was amused by what the cat was doing that she decided to investigate and try to find out if the kitty has an owner or a home.

She then found out that the poor cat had many injuries and was living in an abandoned home, it was at this moment that she realized she needed to do something.

So, she adopted the cat. She even gave it the name “Rabbit”.

The cat was visibly happy, especially that he finally has a happy home where he can live forever plus a caring family that will take care of him.