Snake with two independently working heads found in India

Snakes are reptiles which often place fear to people because of their hideous appearance and also how they are portrayed in movies as gigantic creatures that feed on humans.

In real life, however, snakes are just part of the huge Animalandia and also vary in appearances just like many other animal species.

This extremely rare two-headed snake has recently been captured in a video and has baffled animal experts worldwide.

The reptile which was identified as a Wolf Snake is considered a non-venomous species. It was first discovered in the Dhenkikot forest range of Keonjhar wildlife sanctuary in Odisha State, India by a wildlife enthusiast and photographer Rakesh Mohalick.

Experts examining the snake say that it is 14 cm long and has two fully formed heads, with four working eyes and two flickering tongues. Sadly for the single-bodied reptile, its heads work independently of each other, and this becomes a challenge for such creatures to survive in the wild.

Because of its two heads which function differently from each other, the wolf snake often has a hard time battling with itself. When it comes to navigation, hunting for food and other activities, all of which is a struggle for this creature.

In fact, according to Daily Mail, short footage of the snake struggling to navigate its way across the floor with two heads trying to control its single body is now circulating online. This condition in snakes is very rare but they exist in around 100,000 live births in the wild.

Nonetheless, after being identified as a rare species, the wolf snake was returned back to its natural habitat, the wild where although it may still be struggling, it is still given the chance to freely live as long as it could.