Dancing funeral goes wrong when performers accidentally drop the casket.

The dancing funeral meme has been trending ever since the outbreak of the pandemic was announced worldwide. There have been many version of the six men dancing while carrying a casket, there are videos where violators of quarantine are edited into the clip of these six men and there are also others who use this short clip as a way of warning people to not violate quarantine rules unless they wanna end up being the one inside the casket.

Image: Travelin Sister

As it turns out what these six men were doing is not just propaganda stuff but an actual burial tradition in Ghana. According to Inquirer, the first clip of this tradition was uploaded on Youtube by Travelin Sister in 2015 when she attended a funeral for her mother-in-law. The short clip garnered over 4 million views and still counting.

Image by: Jannah Reynoso

While many TikTok users now use the clip as a source of fun stuff for each passing day, there was an incident when this unconventional funeral ceremony went completely wrong after the dancing pallbearers went off-balance resulting in the casket being dropped.

According to PMNews Nigeria, at the start, the pallbearers were happily dancing to the rhythm but midway through, it seemed that one of them lost coordination with the steps and eventually stumbled.

Image: Adom TV/Youtube

This caused confusion to the remaining pallbearers which resulted in the casket being dropped. What’s even worse is that the corpse fell from inside it.

The short clip quickly gained the attention of many especially that there are people who find this Ghanian tradition quite unconventional, especially that an untoward incident, like this one, can potentially occur.

You can watch the short clip here:

S3 ASA AYEKA😂Next time you will respect the dead

Posted by Bigscout Nana Prempeh on Thursday, May 2, 2019