Elderly mother miraculously survives after three days of being “buried alive” by her own son

Parents have unconditional love for their children but sadly, there are some children who tend to forget the efforts of their parents in raising them and just ignores or takes their parents for granted as if they are no longer part of their life.

It may be a harsh reality but it sure does happen in real life just like in this unbelievable moment where a son allegedly “buries” his own mother while the latter was still alive!

Image: AsiaWire

According to Daily Mail, a 79-year-old disabled woman who was only known by her surname, Wang was allegedly buried alive in a deserted tomb by her own son. By some miracle, the paralyzed mom was able to survive being trapped in the tomb for almost 3 days!

It was said that the local police from Jingbian county of Shannxi province in China received a report from Ms. Wang’s concerned daughter-in-law, known by her surname Zhang that the old woman had not returned home after Mr. Ma, her son put his mother on a pushcart and wheeled her out of their family home around 8 pm local time on May 2.

Image: AsiaWire

Alarmed by this report, police immediately summoned Mr. Ma for questioning and it was then that he confessed that he indeed buried his mother alive inside the abandoned tomb.

Image: AsiaWire

Police then went to the scene and started to dig the pit after hearing faint cries of someone screaming for help. Disturbing footage of Ms. Wang being pulled out of the burial pit is now circulating in various Chinese social media platforms.

Miraculously, Ms. Wang was still alive when the police found her nearly three days after she was buried without any access to food or water. She is now in a stable condition and is receiving treatment at a local hospital.

Image: AsiaWire

The 58-year-old Mr. Ma is now detained and is facing an attempted murder charge as the police continue with their investigation on the case.

Meanwhile, what remains a mystery for everyone is Mr. Ma’s reason for doing such a horrible act to her own mother.