Elderly fruit vendor receives fake money from a buyer, gets help from people online

For some people, there is no such thing as a “retirement age” especially when it comes to trying to earn a living to sustain their families. That is the case with this 76-year-old grandpa who, despite his old age still works as a fruit vendor in order to earn some cash.

Unfortunately, there are people who only think about their own gains without knowing they are already victimizing others. Sadly, this grandpa fell victim to these people and was devastated by what he experienced.

Image: EL EL/Facebook

According to Goodtimes, back in 2019, the 76-year old Solomon Alfanta was selling fruits at the New Market Place in Cebu City. On that particular day, he hopes to sell as many bananas as he could.

Not long after he set up his stall, a man approached him and bought bananas for PHP100 ($2), he then paid with PHP 1,000 ($20) bill and Solomon gladly gave him his change amounting to PHP 900 ($18).

Then, Solomon went on with selling and after a long and tiring day, he went on his way to buy meat to take home. But, he was shocked when the meat vendor said that the PHP1,000 bill he has is fake money.

Image: EL EL/Facebook

It was as if Solomon’s world crumbled after knowing the truth about his hard-earned money. Together with his wife, they went on their way leaving the meat they were supposed to buy.

Lucky for Solomon, a concerned citizen from Sibunga, Cebu got to know of his story and shared it on social media. The post quickly gained the attention of many and there were people who went out of their way to help Solomon through donations.

Solomon was very thankful for all these people that even though they did not know him personally, they still held out a helping hand to him and his family.