Single mom gets plastic surgery after being dumped for her looks

They say a heartbreak can help someone learn a lot of things and somehow change their perspective in life in order to become a better person first for themselves then for their future partners.

As for this single mom from Vietnam, her heartbreak inspired her to “change” herself especially in the physical aspect.

Image: PopNews

According to World of Buzz, in 2018, a mother named Huyen from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam recalls being the subject of criticism of many people around her because of her appearance. She had single eyelids and slightly tanned skin tone.

What’s even worse for Huyen is that even the family of her boyfriend discriminated against her. The family forced the man to cancel marrying Huyen even though she already gave birth to their child.

Because of these heartbreaking moments that happened to her, Huyen vowed to change and start a new life all on her own.

She worked hard and even chose to leave her baby under her mother’s care just to earn a living for her beloved child and also save up enough money for plastic surgery – the one thing that she relies on the most as the “thing” that can change her life.

Huyen has spent over $4,200 dollars for all the procedures she went through in the past years in order to achieve her better self. From her face to her body to her skin, Huyen went all out into forming a new version of herself.

Now, photos of the new Huyen are really far from her old photos and just shows that amazing transformation that she went through. Surely, whoever that boyfriend of hers that broke her heart is now regretting the cowardly decision he made of leaving Huyen.