Girl undergoes 20 lip filler injections to have a “biggest lips” in the world

When it comes to beauty, people all have different standards and definitions of what it truly is. One may appreciate the natural attributes of a person while another seems to look for something else and thus end up having to undergo surgical enhancements.

Of course, we can’t judge them but there are a few who somehow made outrageous moves in order to reach their standards of being called “beautiful.”

Image: Jam Press

Just like this girl who opted to undergo lip filler injects not just once but twenty times!

Andrea Ivanova, a 20-year-old lady from Bulgaria can no longer count with just her fingers as to how many times she had to undergo lip-filling operations just to achieve being called the woman with the biggest lips in the world! To be exact, hyaluronic acid was injected on her lips for twenty times already.

Image: Andrea Ivanova/Instagram

According to, Andrea started undergoing operations back in 2018 and she has spent a huge amount of money since then.

Each lip-filling treatment can cost up to £134 ($145) and after all those years, it is estimated that Andrea spent over £2,600 ($2,800).

Image: Andrea Ivanova/Instagram

“I love my lips. I am not sure if they are the biggest lips in the world but they are one of the biggest, I think,” Andrea said in one interview.

After all of the procedures, she went through, there are doctors who warn Andrea of the possible dangers of continuously injecting fillers into her lips. But, despite this, she stands firm in her conviction that she does not plan to stop until she achieves that lip of her dreams.