RIDDLE: Can you guess who killed the Geography teacher in one minute?

Are you a fan of mystery riddles that are now trending online? Well, we have one mystery riddle for you to answer but, be honest to not skip to the end but answer the riddle first!

This riddle is all about the mysterious death of a geography teacher. Here it goes:

On the first day of the school year, a Geography teacher was murdered. With this, police were able to identify four suspects.

They were:
A. The Gardener
B. The Math Teacher
C. The Coach
D. The Principal

During the investigation, the four suspects all had alibis.

The gardener was cutting the bushes.

The Math teacher was holding a mid-year test.

The coach was playing basketball.

The Principal was in the office.

Who do you think killed the Geography Teacher?

It turns out that the Math Teacher was the murderer. He is caught with his own words because he said he was holding a mid-year test. As you can recall, the crime happened on the first day of the school year.

Were you able to solve the mystery? Were you able to point out the murderer?

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