Man dives into deep hole in the beach it looks terrifying down there

There are people who simply love the thrill of doing things others consider as scary and even death-defying. For them, it’s part of an unforgettable adventure this life has to offer.

One of these brave souls is Guillaume Nery, a world-class freediver, and an insanely crazy thrill seeker. Nery, who is known for his love for freediving and base jumping combines the two in conquering something many consider as a scary thing to do.

Image: Guillaume Néry/Youtube

Nery decided to try his luck and dive into Dean’s Blue Hole to the dark unforeseeable abyss below.

According to Earthporm, Dean’s Blue Hole in the Bahamas is known as the deepest sinkhole in the world which was estimated to be 663 feet in depth.

Image: Guillaume Néry/Youtube

During a freediving competition there back in 2010, Nery took the time out to make this epic short film showcasing his amazing ability to keep calm, as he free falls down the watery pitch-black void with no equipment or air supply.

The short clip Nery took from down the abyss was uploaded to Youtube and anyone who will come across the video can surely feel how terrifying it must be inside the hole of nothingness.

Image: Guillaume Néry/Youtube

It even comes to a point where if you just let your mind wander, it is easy to imagine some gigantic sea monsters jumping out of nowhere as everything around Nery was just pitch black.

Image: Guillaume Néry/Youtube

What’s even more amusing about what Nery did is that he was able to hold his breath for 4 full minutes while the average person can only sustain up to 45 seconds. All the while battling with the fear of nothingness around him.

What he did was truly amazing! You can watch the full clip of his terrifying adventure here: