Relationship Goals: Couple reached their dreams having house, car, and finished college together

It is always good to find a partner that will help you grow as a person and encourage you to work together to achieve your dreams. This is why some spend their whole lives searching for that person.

As for Sam and Judel it was such a wonderful blessing that they found each other and are now slowly attaining their goals in their own version of “Relationship Goals.”

Through a post, Sam Flores Cimafranca shared major achievements they were able to unlock within the 3 years of the couple being together. On their first anniversary, the two graduated college together.

"Our Own Kind Of Relationship Goals"1st Anniversary – Finished College Together 🎓2nd Anniversary – Bought our House…

Posted by Sam Flores Cimafranca on Wednesday, 15 May 2019

A year after, they were able to buy a house and lot and in their third year, they’ve bought a brand new car! In 2020, Judel already proposed to Sam and the two are bound to tie the knot within the year.

Sam says the post was not intended to brag but to inspire everyone to not just have meager relationship goals but dream of real things in life and achieve them with your better half.

She also gave advice to everyone who engages in a relationship just for fun or for a pastime. She says relationships should not be like that, it should be two people helping each other grow and succeed while trusting, loving, and protecting each other in the process.

Sam also said that it is okay for people to admire those who succeed in life but should never forget that their time will come too. Work hard and pray for your goals because if it’s meant to be, it will be.

It is truly inspiring to see people harbor the fruits of their labor. So, never lose hope in yourself, just keep trying and your time will come too.