Guy notices a girl in his preschool photo that looks like his wife so he showed it to her

Love has a mysterious way of making two strangers meet each other and later on fall head over heels in love with each other. When it all unfolds, one cannot help but just be amazed at how everything fell to its rightful place at the right time.

As fairytale-like as it may sound, it still is happening in real-life. Just like in the story of Jason and his wife Jessica who, without knowing have already met when they were still kids!

Image: HuffPost

According to Buzznick, although the couple doesn’t remember each other as kids, they found coincidences within their life that made them feel that they really are meant for each other.

Image: HuffPost

It turns out that the two, who started dating when Jason was a university senior even lived in the same dorm on their freshman year and even had more friends in common than they originally thought.

Plus, Jessica even used to come down to the cafe where Jason worked at and order begets from her now-husband.

Image: HuffPost

But what really shocked them is this preschool photo of Jason where Jessica was also in. Jason is the kid wearing a superman costume in front while Jessica is the kid in pink and burgundy genie costume.

The couple used the incredible preschool photo as part of their wedding and even added the photo with their save the date announcements too.

Now, the couple is happily married and is getting ready to celebrate their 10 year anniversary together.

It may just be a series of coincidences but these are just a few of the proofs that indeed if two people are meant for each other, destiny will find its way.