Remember Mia Khalifa? Check what happens to her after ending her career in film industry

Have you heard of the name “Mia Khalifa”? The mere mention of that name surely will ring a bell to anyone as Khalifa was once famous in her own right. But, her glory days were rather short-lived.

So, what happened to Khalifa after the surge of her career? Allow us to share with you everything that we know.

Image: Mia Khalifa / Facebook

Mia Khalifa was born in Beirut, Lebanon and her family later moved to the United States in 2001. After graduating from college, she moved to Miami where she was offered a job as a nude model.

In October 2014, Khalifa started her career in the adult film industry. In just 3 months, she surged into becoming the most searched and most viewed performer on the adult video viewing site, Pornhub.

Image: Mia Khalifa / Facebook

However, Khalifa’s choice of career was met with countless criticisms most notably in her roots in the Middle East. Especially when she performed acts while wearing the Islamic Hijab.

She even received death threats from anonymous people and even from the ISIS, even her family disowned her. All of these resulted in Khalifa leaving the industry after just three months.

Now, barely five years after ending her historic career. 26-year-old Khalifa is currently in Copenhagen and is married to Robert Sandberg—a chef at the Michelin-starred Danish restaurant Kong Hans Kælder.

Image: Mia Khalifa/Twitter

She also transitioned into a social media personality, webcam model, and sports commentator. She runs a YouTube channel; live streams on Twitch; and performed as a webcam model; sells photoshoots, merchandise, and access to exclusive content on membership website Patreon; and sold explicit photoshoots and videos on the social media website Findrow. She also worked as a commentator in various sports shows.

Despite her short career, Khalifa has amassed a lot of fans as her Instagram account has over 19.7 million followers who still continue to support her after she chose a different path in her life.

You can watch this short clip about Mia’s life here: