Dog sadly watches owner digs grave after vet says it is terminally ill

Dogs are known for being loyal especially to people they consider as family. Their loyalty has been repeatedly proven especially during times of trouble or if the life of their owners is in danger.

But, what will happen if an owner is the first person to know that their beloved pet only has limited time left to spend with them?

Image: Franklin Hardy / Twitter

That is exactly what happened in this heartbreaking story shared by a TV screenwriter named Franklin Hardy about his dad and his beloved pet dog who has managed to capture the attention of many.

According to Hardy, he once went to visit his dad who was living in Virginia, USA and it was then that he saw his father trying to dig a hole in their garden.

Hardy was prompted to ask his dad as to what was the purpose of the hole. He was shocked to learn that it was intended for his beloved dog.

Image: Franklin Hardy / Twitter

According to Nepali News, a vet told Hardy’s dad about the pet’s condition via a phone call. The animal doctor said that the dog has a terminal illness.

With this, Hardy insisted that what the vet did was quite unprofessional especially that he was unable to see the dog personally.

But, Hardy’s dad trusted the vet. Thus, he believed that diagnosis and started preparing for the worst.

Image: Franklin Hardy / Twitter

After a few days, the vet went to the residence to check on the dog and euthanize it. He first examined the dog and it was then that he found out that everything was just a false alarm.

The dog does not have a terminal illness and its health is in perfect condition. This is good news not just for the dig but also for Hardy’s dad especially with the idea that his loyal companion will not leave him and will still stay with him for a long time.