Hummingbirds? No, they’re just petals of a flower

Lots of things are shared via the internet on a daily basis. May it be words of inspiration, random photos or even videos, just name it and an abundance of options are readily available online.

At times, there are also photos that will challenge our perception of things and will even leave us questioning whether what we see before our eyes are true or just a product of our imagination.

Image: OctopusPrime / Reddit

Just like in these images which are first shared by a Reddit user named -OctopusPrime.

The said account posted a picture of a flower, one that we have never seen before. With just one look at the photo of the said plant, one may say that it surprisingly looks like a group of hummingbirds feeding on the same stalk.

Image: OctopusPrime / Reddit

As it turns out, according to Buzznick, the “hummingbirds” are actually the flowers of the plant. Because of the intriguing photos, many left comments on the said post. There were people who are simply blown away with the photos while others are left fascinated by what they are seeing.

Image: Cressflower

The photos were reportedly taken in Australia and it was also known that hummingbirds do not exist in that country. Well, as to how that plant looked like that bird species will remain a mystery forever.

Nonetheless, it is still a refreshing fact to know that such a unique type of plant exists and that it even resembles a species of bird that is equally as beautiful as this rare type of plant.

Image: Atlas Of Living Australia

This just proves that this world we live in still has a lot of things left to be discovered. All we need is an eye that sees far beyond the surface, and a heart that appreciates what the brain sometimes fails to understand.