Which 4 numbers do you see? Your answer may tell you about how good is your eyesight

Things like cellular phones, tablets, laptops, televisions are accessible to anyone these days. May it be kids, teens or old people, all are prone to vision obstruction with prolonged exposure to these gadgets and appliances.

We all know how important vision is in our daily lives, so, if you ever suspect that something may be going on or something is wrong with your eyes, why not take this easy eye test?

This eye test has now been making rounds on social media as more and more people comment on how accurate the test has been for them.

Disclaimer: This is only an eye test and it may not give the precise result but this will serve as a pretext for anyone to know if they need to visit an ophthalmologist to confirm their condition as soon as possible.

Here it goes. The instructions are simple, all one needs to do is find the four hidden numbers in this black and white image composed of “dots”.

Image: Happy Share

Can you see what numbers are hidden in this image? Do not be afraid of getting the “wrong” answer as there is no such thing. Just be honest with what you saw before reading the results onward.

According to Goodtimes, this is the interpretations of the eye test based on the number you see

If you saw:

3246: You are short-sighted and may have astigmatism.

3240: You have astigmatism but do not have short-sightedness.

1246: You only have short-sightedness but do not have astigmatism.

1240: Congratulations! You have perfect vision!

Since this eye test became viral, there were many who confirmed its accuracy saying that they felt that their answers truly reflected their eyesight.

Image for illustration only

Whether this eye test may be really accurate or not, it still is just a test. Whatever numbers you managed to see in the image, it is still best to consult an eye professional if you ever feel that something may be wrong or unusual with your vision.