Dad breaks his piggybank to pay for son’s violation against quarantine

Government agencies across the globe have stepped up their game when it comes to prevention and stopping the spread of the pandemic that is now spreading all over the world.

The government of Malaysia is no different from the rest of the world as it has ordered an MCO or Movement Control Order(termed as quarantine in other countries) since the 18th of March. Sadly, there are many people who violated this order. In fact, Bukit Aman police reported a total of 14,922 violators of the MCO.

Image: Free Malaysia Today

One Facebook user named Siti Rohaiza shared a story of a son who violated the MCO and his helpless dad who did everything to let him out. Siti was working in a District Health Office and she was the one who received payment from the dad amounting to RM1,000 or USD230.

According to World of Buzz, the father paid the compound in a pile of RM1 ($.20) notes and a few RM5 ($1) notes with tons of coins. When Siti asked them why the cash was in RM1 notes and coins, the man said, “I broke my piggy bank.”

Image: Siti Rohaiza / Facebook

When Siti heard that, she was shocked and heartbroken at the same time. Especially that it must have been hard for the dad to save up that much amount of money given his situation. Plus, it could have been a big help for the family especially during this time of crisis.

With this, Siti left a reminder to all teenagers who tend to violate MCO rules or even any rule or law to always think twice or even three times and also consider the situation of their parents. Especially that during this time, money is really hard to come by.