Hero dog bravely fought off cobra before losing its own life

Dogs are one of the most domesticated animals in the world. People simply prefer to have dogs at home because of the special camaraderie that they provide even to the extent of their owners treating them as an extended member of the family.

That is why it is very heartbreaking for dog owners to lose their dogs especially when the dog did so in order to protect the whole family.

Image: Jireh Enzo Dahilan/Facebook

Just like in the tragic death of this dog named Hachiko after being a hero to the people he considered his family. Hachiko’s owner, Jireh Enzo Dahilan shared the sad story through Facebook.

According to the Facebook page Furr Station, as part of their daily routine, Hachiko and Jireh spent time on the morning of April 14 soaking their bodies in the sunlight and even taking pictures together.

Little did they know that it will be the last time they can spend time with Hachiko because he passed away at around 2 pm on the same day.

Image: Jireh Enzo Dahilan/Facebook

What caused Hachiko’s heartbreaking death is when he fought with a cobra lying around the garden of the family. The exact garden where children often played and the family bonded. They avoided the worst situation which could have been caused by the cobra through Hachiko.

Image: Jireh Enzo Dahilan/Facebook

Jireh had nothing but gratitude, love, and praise for Hachiko for saving their whole family even if it meant losing his own life.

May Hachiko be granted eternal peace and as Jireh said, may he run free, forever.

Watch the last moments of Hachiko here:

Posted by Jireh Enzo Dahilan on Monday, 13 April 2020