Because of quarantine, woman discovers her “hidden talent” in cooking with this colorful dish

During this time of health crisis, one of the considered best ways to avoid the spread of the disease is by limiting the movements of people. Thus, many government agencies across the world practice quarantine and lockdown in areas affected by the pandemic.

As people are staying home, social media is filled with posts about innovative ways of cooking the usual food that we have. There are also others who share new ways of cooking just like this particular Facebook user who decided to cook chicken feet and head together.

Through a post, Yolanda YoLii Sasanti shared a photo of the delicious dish she invented.

Image: Yolanda YoLii Sasanti/Facebook

According to the post, quarantine is what made her discover her hidden talent in cooking. As it turns out, she cooked a chicken leg and head dish which she even added food coloring to make it more “presentable.”

She even added that next time, she plans on adding more “food color” as the carrot she added on her dish seemed “stubborn” because its color remained the same.

However, many netizens see the post as something hilarious and said that they would not eat such a dish. In fact, the Haha reactions on the said post already reached a whopping 25,000 with close to 40,000 people sharing it.

The comments on the said post were also full of people saying they would not even dare to touch the dish and that they never imagined a dish looking like that in their whole life.

Well, what do you think this dish would taste like?