Coronavirus patient bites nurse’s face in China

The total number of patients suffering from the Coronavirus Disease 2019 or COVID-19 globally has now reached over a million. According to GMA News, the exact number is now at 1,000,036 and this number is still about to increase as countries continuously report more positive cases every single day.

One of the countries with top cases of the disease is China where the disease first originated.

Recently, one patient who has tested positive for the disease is getting a lot of attention on Chinese social media platforms because of an outrageous thing the patient has done.

Image: Shanghaiist

According to Shanghaiist, the patient happens to be a 47-year-old Nigerian man. He was later identified as Okonkwonwoye Chika Patrick, he allegedly attacked a nurse on Wednesday morning while attempting to flee from a hospital in Guangzhou where he is receiving treatment and being kept in isolation.

Reports say that the nurse attempted to stop him but he still pursued his plan as he shoved the nurse to the ground and even bit her face!

The footage is now circulating online featuring the nurse in tears with evident scratches on her face. The scratch was also very near her eyes which could have resulted in worst outcomes. She even had minor injuries in her waist and neck!

Image: Shanghaiist

Many are now criticizing what he has done and he even faces calls for deportation from China’s internet community.

The man reportedly arrived in Guangzhou on March 20 and was put into isolation after testing positive for the Covid-19. However, it was still unclear as to what triggered the man to do what he did.

The man is now still undergoing treatment but with police officers guarding his room. If he recovers from the disease, charges will be pressed against him.