Mayor crush: Meet the very active and gorgeous mayor of San Manuel, Tarlac

In these times of crisis, we need every single individual’s cooperation to be able to win over this health emergency we are facing. Of course, with the guidance of our government leaders especially in the localities which are led by their respective mayors.

Many mayors have already been a topic online because of their undying efforts to fight the spread of the disease. But, this particular Mayor from San Manuel, Tarlac not only does her job best but also leaves people in awe of her beauty.

Image: Donya Tesoro / Instagram

The Facebook page, Go Tarlac has posted photos of their beloved Mayor Donya Tesoro along with the caption which says that she isn’t just all for being beautiful but also attentive to the needs of her constituents.

Image: Mayor Donya Tesoro / Facebook

Mayor Donya Tesoro is only 28-years-old and at such a young age, she already achieved a lot and is very active in her role as a public servant.

Image: Donya Tesoro / Instagram

In fact, she even once became a guest of Boy Abunda’s popular show, The Bottomline in which she talked about issues concerning politics and her journey of becoming the person that she is now.

Image: Donya Tesoro / Instagram

As for her political career, she first became a councilor, then a Vice Mayor, and eventually to the position she now holds. Her career in the political scene was also greatly influenced by her dad, Benjamin “Bening” Tesoro who is now the Vice Mayor of San Manuel.

Image: Donya Tesoro / Instagram

Like others, Mayor Donya’s journey was never easy as she suffered from discrimination for being too young and also for being a female politician. This is because of the notion that women are seen as weak, too emotional, and cannot contribute a lot to society.

But, this did not hold her down from pursuing something she has always dreamt of. With this, many are praising her for standing up for her rights and being a good example to all the women out there who suffered from the same way that she did.

Before you leave, we hope this lightens your day.

Image: Mayor Donya Tesoro/ Facebook