Victoria’s Secret Angel Alexina Graham tests positive for COVID-19

Coronavirus Disease-19 (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. This disease does not choose anyone who will be victimized by it. May it be male or female, old or young or even prominent figures in our society are not immune to the disease.

As the numbers of affected continue to increase worldwide, we also see the trend in celebrities confessing they contracted the disease and sharing their experience of fighting against it.

Photo: Alexina Graham / Instagram

Victoria’s Secret Angel Alexina Graham is the newest celeb who confirmed via an Instagram story that unfortunately she has tested positive for the disease.

In the said IG Story, Graham reminds everyone to never take their health for granted. She also said that she already on her third day of suffering from the disease when she posted the photo.

Photo: Alexina Graham / Instagram

Alexina Lorna Graham, now 30-years-old began working with Victoria’s Secret after walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017. She became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2019 and is the first redhead to ever become an Angel.

As of her posting time, Graham said that she is now on self-isolation inside her home. She also promised to give an update on her condition as much as she could.

Photo: Alexina Graham / Instagram

She also confessed to having difficulty in talking as she is suffering from severe shortness of breath every time she tries to do so.

Graham also added that as soon as she can talk in long sentences, she will give everyone all the information on what she experienced after contracting the disease.

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Posted by Victoria's Secret Angels & Models on Saturday, 28 March 2020

In the meantime, she pleads with everyone to stay home in order to stay safe and also sends her love to one and all.

Here is a short clip of Graham walking her way into the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in 2017 and 2018: