Dalgona Coffee: The newest Instagrammable coffee trend you can easily make at home

Millennials are often drawn to visiting “instagrammable” places or trying out “instagrammable” types of food as social media plays one big chunk of their daily lives.

With this, many cafes also stepped up their game and made their walls a picture-perfect place, some cafe owners even renovate their area and make the cafe have a theme which millennials can vibe with. For others, it will still be the food that makes their customers come back.

Image: smallrusticjoys / Instagram

Speaking of which, one type of coffee is now trending on social media because of its “aesthetic” look plus the fact that it can easily be prepared by anyone, even those that have no background in the food industry. We are talking about Dalgona Coffee.

Image: cookerru / Instagram

According to 9gag, Dalgona coffee is a mixture of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water whipped up and served on top of iced milk. In other parts of Asia, including India, Pakistan, and Macao, it’s known as whipped coffee.

Dalgona became popular with South Koreans especially during the time of quarantine when they were left with nothing to do at home. Thus, the experiment on innovating their usual morning coffee.

According to the LA Times, Dalgona was first introduced in January when it was featured on the TV show Fun-straunt.

Image: TV show ‘Fun-straunt’

During that time, one of the guests, actor Jung Il Woo was traveling to Macao and tried the drink in a restaurant. He described its taste as similar to Dalgona, a toffee-like candy that used to be popular with Korean kids a generation ago and is still eaten by tourists.

Image: Traditional Dalgona (via fictionkitchenpodcast)

Since then, many made their own versions of the Dalgona coffee drink that tons of tutorial videos are now up on Youtube.

Dalgona Coffee also became popular on the Trending App, Tiktok as many also shared their ideas in making the drink. Now, Dalgona has become a phenomenal international trend as people are mostly at home because of quarantine.

Image: kylerodrigo / Instagram

Well, who wouldn’t be tempted to make one as Dalgona can be made with only four ingredients: coffee, sugar, milk, and ice.

Here’s one tutorial you can follow to make your own now.

So, go ahead and make your own version of Dalgona coffee now.