Guy watches wife with their baby on CCTV while he’s at work and realized her sacrifices being at home

Husbands are often left with the burden of working so they can provide the essential needs of the family. As for the wife, she is the one often left to stay home to care for the children.

Oftentimes, these roles of parents are weighed as to who works harder and it is often concluded that the wives have it easier as they are only at home. But, in reality, that is not the case.

A man shared that he realized how hard his stay-at-home wife worked to take care of their baby and home, and how he was so grateful to her.

Along with the said post were screenshots of CCTV footage he managed to compile as he simply loves the sight of his wife and baby together. He also observed that all throughout the day, his wife tirelessly does little tasks inside the house.

Image: วิทวัส โกศัลวัฒน์ / Facebook

Observing this, he realized that even once, his wife never complained even though she never had enough rest. Through his post, he reminded everyone to stop the notion that stay-at-home parents have it easy because it never is. In his own words, he said, “I think our jobs outside are not even half as exhausting as our wives.”

Image: วิทวัส โกศัลวัฒน์ / Facebook

The said post went viral as many can relate to what the husband shared. Then, his wife responded to the viral post saying that she was surprised that it would garner so much attention. She said, “Actually we don’t need any grand gestures, just understanding and support from our husbands and families is more than enough. This gives us the power to keep going and take care of the family.”

Parents sure have their own share of difficulty both in trying to provide the needs and taking care of their children. No matter who does which role, what is important is the appreciation from the children and the equal amount of love from their partners.