Hungry Monkeys flock to cities in search of food because tourists no longer visit and give them food

The whole world is in total chaos these days because of the spread of a worldwide pandemic. This has caused the shut down of many business establishments, and the lockdown of many countries thereby suspending unnecessary travels which have resulted in a huge decrease in the number of tourists coming in and out of these countries.

On of the countries that have declared a lockdown as reported by The Thaiger is Thailand. There are now 411 cases of COVID-19 in Thailand and the lockdown is a way to stop it from further increasing.

Image: Guardian News / Youtube

With people stuck in their homes, animals are also affected as no one is there to tend and care for them.

With this, animals are now trying to find ways to continue to live: especially their effort to find food to eat. Just like these monkeys in Thailand who had made their way to the cities.

Image: Guardian News / Youtube

In a video clip uploaded by the Guardian News Youtube Channel, hundreds of monkeys are seen in the middle of the streets. It was as if the creatures were all hungry as they are seen looking in many directions in search of food.

They are seen coming near people and homes in the hope that they will be given food but in this time of crisis, there are only a few who can give them food.

Image: Guardian News / Youtube

It was later revealed that as Thailand is a famous tourist destination, there are a lot of tourists who visit and feed the monkeys but because of the lockdown, there are no more people to do this.

So, the monkeys are left with no choice but to search for food in their own way. It is unfortunate that these animals have to suffer this way because of the crisis happening all around the world.

You can watch the full video of the monkeys here: