Guy goes live selling of caskets for people who refuse to stay home amidst lockdown

The number of people who tested positive for coronavirus disease in the Philippines is now at 380 as reported by CNN, and all over the world, the number is still continuing to increase. In order to prevent further spread of the pandemic, the government of each country has issued lockdowns thereby suspending unnecessary travels, business operations, and even limiting people to go out of their homes.

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Despite the repeated warnings and advisories, there are still people who choose to disobey orders and just do what they want to do. Even just down to the simplest thing which is not going out of their homes, it seems that people are having a hard time obeying this order.

Image: Kerovine Castro / Facebook

With this, a Facebook user named Kerovine Castro posted a live video on his timeline which features a man inside a funeral parlor.

In the said video, the man who was wearing an orange shirt is seen describing a few details about the caskets on display. He says that all those are made from different materials like wood or metal and the prizes of the caskets also depend on the material used to make it.

Image: Kerovine Castro / Facebook

As for the wood, it can cost up to PHP20,000 and the price will be higher for the metal-made ones.

The man in the said video also sarcastically said that he dedicates the caskets he is selling to those hard-headed people who simply refuse to stay inside their homes. He says they can freely choose caskets in advance as they find it hard to follow the rules of the lockdown being implemented.

Image: Kerovine Castro / Facebook

Meanwhile, many laughed after watching the short clip but may this be an awakening to everyone that this virus is not a joke and we have to do our best to contain it so no more will be affected and the death toll will also decrease.

You can watch the full video here: