Maine Mendoza is giving 1000 pesos per household for affected families by lockdown in Luzon

In this time of crisis happening around us, we need every single person to cooperate with each other so that we can all pass through this, unharmed.

Inasmuch as we all want to remain safe, we cannot take for granted our fellow men who are living on what they earn on a daily basis.

Image: Maine Mendoza / Facebook

With this, actress Maine Mendoza launches her own Donation Drive to extend help as much as she could, to all the people who need it most.

Maine made the announcement via a post on her official Facebook page. She further explains that she plans to give out money for essential hygiene materials and food to each household for the budgeted amount of PHP1,000 each. She also wrote that she wants more people to have access to the donations which was why she gave a limit to the amount she can give to each family.

DoNation Drive‚Äôs (Yahoo) mail has malfunctioned. I have been trying to fix the problem since last night but I cannot…

Posted by Maine Mendoza on Saturday, 21 March 2020

Main urges everyone to help, may it be in big or small amounts as she assures all that their donations will eventually come a long way.

To those who seek to be part of the beneficiaries, you can send your details to this e-mail:

To those who are willing to help, you can send your donations to this number: 09563890291. Maine also said that all the donation transactions will be done via GCash.

Maine also assures everyone that see will personally facilitate all the donations she will receive and also become personally involved in the distribution of goods later on.

Image: Maine Mendoza / Facebook (Figures on the rightmost column shows the donations received by Maine)

Image: Maine Mendoza / Facebook (Figures on the debit column (the one before the rightmost column) shows the donations given by Maine)

In just a span of one day, Maine shares that she already received donations totaling to almost PHP 120,000 and has already donated PHP 55,000 of this. May many more people support this cause initiated by Maine as this is our only way to help our struggling kababayans. We will get through this crisis if we all work, together.