Filipino frontliners in Los Baños improvise their PPE and pleads with anyone who can donate for them

In this chaotic situation, the whole world is in, people who remain calm and do their jobs in the best way they could even with the risk of exposing themselves to the virus are our beloved healthcare front liners.

Sadly, these front liners aren’t provided the proper Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) they desperately need in their effort to combat the pandemic.

Image: Tes Depano / Facebook

Just like these doctors, nurses and other personnel of St. Jude Hospital in Los Baños who are left with no choice but to improvise the things they have and turn them into PPE with the faint hope that this will be enough to not let them be contaminated with the disease.

Image: Tes Depano / Facebook

In a post by a Facebook user named Tes Depano, the front liners are seen wearing plastic garbage bags all over their body. These are their improvised version of the PPE that they need most in dealing with patients exhibiting symptoms of the deadly disease.

Although many admire their resourcefulness, the front liners are seeking the aid of anyone who can help them procure or even donate the proper protection equipment they badly need to care for their patients without the risk of exposing themselves to the virus.

Image: Tes Depano / Facebook

This is a sad dilemma but this is the reality our front liners are faced with every single day. We hope, as much as we want to keep away from the disease that we also do our part for these people who sacrifice too much for the good of the majority.

We are calling the attention of DOH or kung sino mang ahensya na maaaring makapag-supply sa amin ng Personal Protective…

Posted by Tes Depano on Thursday, 19 March 2020

They surely deserve not just our pity but our cooperation especially in this time of a crisis. May this article be an instrument for these front liners to get the help they need, in a time that they need it most.