Doctor’s son hopelessly cries as he asks for a hug from mom who is on self-quarantine

The healthcare front liners are considered the unsung heroes of this crisis the whole world is currently facing. These people are given praise for all the sacrifices they do in order to help the people suffering from the pandemic. These sacrifices include isolation – even from their own family members.

Just like in the experience of this Malaysian female doctor who cannot do anything but just sadly looking at her hopeless son crying in order to keep him away from the deadly virus.

Image: Khadijah Ismail / Facebook

According to Rachfeed, the doctor mom is on self-quarantine as she is treating potential patients of the pandemic at the hospital she works in. In a heartbreaking video she shared via Facebook, the child can be seen crying as he reaches out his hand.

This gesture means that he is asking for a hug from his beloved mom but she simply cannot give him that as she gives priority to his safety more than anything else in the world.

Image: Khadijah Ismail / Facebook

Many were heartbroken after seeing the post but commended the mother for sacrificing not just her time and effort for the pandemic patients but also her chance to be with her beloved family all for the greater good.

Meanwhile, according to The Star, Malaysia now has 900 confirmed cases of the pandemic, the fourth among all countries in Asia.

Despite the growing cases of the pandemic all over the world, we have nothing but words of thanks to all the healthcare workers and front-liners who are our core workers in this fight we currently face. Kudos to all of you!