Doctor dies from coronavirus after working without gloves due to shortage

Doctors, nurses, medical technologists, and all other healthcare personnel are at the front row of this fight the world faces against a deadly disease. These people sacrifice a lot, even their own well-being by being exposed to potential carriers and even confirmed carriers of the disease.

The dangers in the life of these people are infinite, some may be lucky to surpass all these while others are not. Just like in the case of Marcello Natali, an Italian Doctor who ended up passing away after contracting coronavirus.

Image: Euro News / Youtube

According to 9gag, Natali, 57, from Codogno, in the northern province of Lombardy, was even the one who first stepped up and described his concerns via a television interview about how the shortages of medical supplies meant he had to treat patients with coronavirus without wearing gloves.

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Also, according to Euronews, he was also the one who made the first statement about the alarming increase in the number of doctors who were getting infected.

Despite the shortage of medical supplies, Natali still chose to be true to his profession and continued to do what he does best. Unfortunately, a few days after, he was tested positive for the disease, Natali was hospitalized in Cremona before being transferred to Milan after developing double pneumonia.

Image: 9gag

Later on, rumors circulated that the doctor passed away. Then, the Italian Federation of General Practitioners confirmed his death.

Additionally, according to USA Today, the number of COVID-19 fatalities in Italy now surpassed the record of China. 3,405 COVID-19 deaths were recorded as of writing time, an alarming rise of 427 deaths in just a span of one day.