What to do at home if you have COVID symptoms according to Doc Ong

The fast spread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic is a big problem not just of one nation but of the entire world. As days go by, more and more people test positive for the disease and fatalities are also increasing.

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Unfortunately for some developing countries, access to health kits to confirm if one is a positive case of the disease or even health facilities are scarce.

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With this, it is best to know a few home remedies for those who may be worried they have contracted the disease by exhibiting symptoms related to it as advised by Dr. Willie Ong.

In a clip uploaded via the good doctor’s youtube channel, he shared a few things we can do inside our homes if ever we suspect ourselves to be a case of the pandemic or even if we have allergies, colds, or flu.

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First, when one suffers from flu (which has mostly the same symptoms as the pandemic) Doc Willie recommends ample rest, drinking more fluids, clod compress, lukewarm bath, and should stay inside a comfortable room.

Doc Willie also recommends the intake of lukewarm water mixed with sugar, honey, and lemon to ease a sore throat. If sick, he recommends rest and chicken soup. Chicken soup is rich in amino acids which can aid with colds, phlegm and can also lessen the inflammatory response of the body.

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Also, if you want the chicken soup to taste better and more healthy, it is best to add on a carrot, ginger, garlic, onion, sweet potato, and black pepper.

As for diarrhea, which is an active symptom of the pandemic, Doc Willie recommends yogurt, banana, rice or bread.

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Before he ended his video, Doc Willie Ong emphasized the importance of ample rest and sleep and at the same time the intake of nutritious food or any food if one has no appetite for anything. He also emphasized that it is important to have a positive attitude when faced with the dilemma of fighting against any type of disease. Optimism can do wonders!

You can watch his full video here: