Elephants looking for food got so drunk when they found 30 kg of corn wine in the village

While most part of the world is in a chaotic mess amidst the threat of the rising cases of the pandemic, this time somehow became a time to recuperate for our dear mother Earth. The decrease in various chemicals that pollute the Earth has made way for several areas in China to experience blue skies for the first time in decades, and even for swans and dolphins to return to the canals of Venice, Italy.

Facebook page Epicalyptic even shared an adorable moment where Elephants are seen resting peacefully without human beings to disturb them.

Image: Epicalyptic / Facebook

According to World of Buzz, a group of 14 elephants had apparently wandered into a village in Yunan, China, in search of corn and other foods, only to stumble upon 30kgs of corn wine and drink it all. Later on, the creatures were found peacefully sleeping in a tea garden nearby.

The said adorable post quickly gained a lot of attention as many netizens find the Elephants too cute to handle. In less than 24 hours since it was posted, 169,000 people managed to share the post with over 123,000 reacting to it.

Image: Epicalyptic / Facebook

While humans are so busy right now with social distancing, home quarantine and all other ways to stop the further spread of the virus, mother nature is taking her sweet time to re-energize and these precious rare moments just show how the absence of human activity has on mother nature.

Truly, how one views this challenging time is only a matter of perspective. Of course, it is still a must to practice the precautions health agencies are trying to emphasize but it never made anyone sick to try and appreciate the beauty of mother nature.

At the same time, may these trying times make all of us realize how important it is to look back on the Earth we have because we only have one. It deserves the same amount of care and love we give to technology advancement and all the material things in this world.