Tired Policemen captured sleeping in paper boxes after working overtime to sustain order amidst the threat or COVID-19

The front liners in this fight against the quick spread of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) are mainly the doctors, nurses, other hospital staff and of course the police and soldiers.

We may be unaware of it but these people risk getting infected with the disease just to ensure the safety of everyone. Sadly, there are still people who criticize them for simply doing their jobs.

Image: Arjhun Catada / Facebook

In a post by Facebook user Arjhun Catada, he captured the real situation our front-liner policemen have to go through just to serve their fellow countrymen.

According to Arjhun, he was out jogging in the area of Magallanes, Makati when he spotted a group of policemen and soldiers. The group, unlike what others seem to think, they were not at all pampered in any way as they are seen sleeping in tiny paper boxes on the side of the street.

Image: Arjhun Catada / Facebook

It is also evident that the group is very exhausted possibly from straight hours of working to ensure the order and safety of the whole community.

In his post, Arjhun urged everyone to stop with the hate and bashing of the policemen who are doing nothing else but their best to be of service to everyone. Instead, let us do our best to cooperate with their efforts not only for them but also for our own good.

Meanwhile, according to GMA News, the Philippines now has 187 cases of COVID-19 and the number is still bound to increase if the people continue to disobey orders from the authorities.

Kudos to all the brave policemen of our country! May you tirelessly continue to serve everyone as we also continue to pray for you and your family’s safety amidst these trying times. With our unity, we can surely surpass this hard time and emerge victorious in the end.