17-year-old teen creates web tracking of COVID19 cases and now visited by millions worldwide

COVID-19 pandemic is an issue concerning people all over the world. With its cases rising from day to day, it has become a necessity for people to be informed of the current situation so that everyone can make their own precautions to lessen the spread of the virus.

One essential way to check out statistics is of course, through the internet. Surprisingly, a 17-year-old teenager behind the website tracking coronavirus cases across the globe. The URL to this site is nCoV2019.live.

Image: Screengrab from Democracy Now

According to Bored Panda, 17-year-old Avi Schiffmann is a high school junior from Mercer Island outside Seattle. Avi started the site in late December when coronavirus had not yet been detected outside of China. Avi also said that he first aimed the site to only tackle real-time data without the ads people often see in various sites.

After hearing the news about Coronavirus with less than a thousand cases in China, Avi then searched for more data about it on the internet. But, he noticed that it was hard to find data and there was even misinformation about it. So, he decided to officially make his own site.

Image: Screengrab from Democracy Now

Now, the site which only started off as a small one is the leading source of information and is visited by millions of people from day-to-day. The site keeps track of deaths, numbers of cases locally and globally, and provides an interactive map, information on the disease, and even a Twitter feed.

The site even updates its data every minute via a process called web scraping which Avi incorporated with his website. This process pulls information directly from the World Health Organization, the Centers for Disease Control and elsewhere.

Image: Screengrab from Democracy Now

To even add more resources to his site, Avi now has the “vaccine tracker function” which allows viewers of the site to track the progress of vaccine development in various areas and how far they are into these clinical trials.

Meanwhile, Avi plans to change to name of his site from nCoV2019.live to GermTracker.com so that he can still use the domain for the “future”.