Bill Gates talks everyone about highly infectious viral epidemic back in 2015

Bill Gates is an icon a lot of people look up to. With the achievements he did in the advancement of technology that all of us benefit to now, it no longer is a surprise that many aspire to be just like him. With this, he is often invited in forums to give talks to inspire a lot of people and also give them life lessons they can use for everyday living.

In one of Bill Gates’ public speech at TEDTalks back in 2015, he mentioned that the next big disaster to strike humanity would be due to microbes, and not a nuclear war which people now link to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image: Ted Talks / Youtube

In a video uploaded via TedTalks’ Youtube channel, Gates is seen standing on an elevated stage with viewers all attentively listening to him for tidbits of wisdom. In his speech, he mentions that once this viral disaster hits populations around the world, we’d be massively underprepared for it. Unfortunately for us, he was right.

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In his 8-minute long speech, Gates gave an example of a pandemic that happened back in 1918 which was the Spanish Flu. This outbreak greatly affected the world’s population with over 500 million people having been infected according to Live Science. Gates then stressed that it was because people were unprepared when the pandemic struck and thus the horrible outcome.

Image: Ted Talks / Youtube

With this, Gates also pointed out that globally, we’ve invested a lot in warfare and how to handle the situation if a war were to break out. However, we’ve invested very little in the case that an epidemic could break out.

It was as if his words were a warning for all of us as now, the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is quickly spreading all over the world and the number of people being infected is increasing on a daily basis.

Image: Ted Talks / Youtube

However, Gates remains as hopeful as we are now as he ended his speech by saying that the current advancement in technology and science is the glimmer of light that the world needs. With the countries extending help to each other, this is the unity that the world needs and also the great news that a huge number of infected ones are recovering from the virus are a boost to the morale of healthcare workers.

What we still fervently pray for is for the health systems to finally find a vaccine and end this pandemic once and for all.

You can watch the full video of the speech here: