Bela Padilla creates an online fundraiser to help the street vendors amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

The world is in total chaos after the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak has reached a global scale. As cases of the disease are still on the rise, it is good to know that people who try to extend help to others are also increasing.

Included in the long list of these kindhearted individuals is actress Bela Padilla who has started her own online fundraiser in her effort to aid small-time vendors whose businesses are affected by the community quarantine measures the government ordered to be put in place in its fight to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image: Bela Padilla / Instagram

According to Push, Bela first shared her feelings of worry towards the street vendors via a Tweet which says: “How do the taho, Sampaguita, chips and basahan vendors we see on EDSA who probably sold close to nothing today eat tonight? And tomorrow? And the whole month?”

Image: Bela Padilla / Twitter

She then made a follow-up Tweet which she describes as the best solution she came up with. That is to donate in any way the people could.

Bella said via a Tweet: “I set up an account, and whatever money we do raise, let’s split 16 ways for the 16 cities of Metro Manila affected by this community quarantine.”

The 28-year-old actress also assured fans that she will personally see to it that the money raised will go to the right people, as she encouraged them to support and forward the cause.

Image: Bela Padilla / Twitter

“During this inevitable pandemic, there will be a lot of Filipinos who won’t be able to rely on their normal sources of income. Our favorite taho, dirty ice cream, and banana cue vendors won’t be able to secure enough money to guarantee food for their families at the end of the day for one month until our community quarantine is over,” she also added.

“Please help and share this link and let’s try to hit or surpass the target in one week because our local workers have all already been affected starting today. Thank you. Twitter, let your magic work please,” she added.

As of Monday, March 16, 5:35 PM, the fundraising campaign has already raised over P184,000. Fans can send their cash donations until Tuesday, March 31.

Thank you, Bela and all the other kind-hearted citizens that are reaching out to the people in need. May your efforts continue to prosper and may you be greatly blessed in the future.