Take a look at the home of Fifty Shades movie actress Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson is one of the most sought-after actresses in this generation. From starring in the movie adaptation of the hit novel series – Fifty Shades to various other movies that showcased her versatility as an actress, Dakota is an icon of a great actress and a humble woman all wrapped in one body.

The 30-year-old actress is now gaining attention online after photos of her luxurious home circulated on various social media platforms.

In a video by the Youtube Channel Architectural Digest, Dakota gave fans a quick tour of her home.

Photo: Jealouslut / Facebook

Dakota recalls moving into the house back in 2015 and it was the first house she ever bought. Dakota also confesses to being a magnet to vintage, wood and green stuff which drew her into buying the house.

Inside, the living room is composed of a vintage couch and even the piano on the side is a vintage one which was made of wood. Dakota also proudly shares her collection of vinyl albums which she stores in a native-designed cabinet.

Photo: Jealouslut / Facebook

The next part of the house is her office. She describes the room as where she holds meetings and practices her script but what she really loves inside it is her collection of books and of course, her acting awards.

As for Dakota’s kitchen, she personally chose to paint it green as she spends time cooking and baking stuff and the overall ambiance of the room gives her this relaxing feeling to just do her best in cooking the stuff she wants.

Photo: Jealouslut / Facebook

Then, Dakota proceeds outside the house which she proudly shows off the little lemon tree she planted when she first moved in the house and it now is a full-grown tree with lots of fruit. The garden also has this minimalist swimming pool and a little table and chairs on the side where one can relax and be one with nature.

Photo: Jealouslut / Facebook

Although Dakota did not get to show her bedroom for the fans to see, the little house tour was enough to give little smiles to everyone and left them all wanting to own a house just like this one Dakota Johnson owns.

You can watch her full video here: