Italians under quarantine sing and dance outside their windows to relieve coronavirus fear

The COVID-19 has been declared by the World Health Organization as a worldwide pandemic disease because of its quick and seemingly unstoppable spread to many countries across the globe. With China recording the most number of cases, Italy comes next.

As of writing time, according to Al Jazeera, there is now a total of 15,113 confirmed cases of the virus and the death toll is now at 1,016. With this, the whole country of Italy is put on lockdown with about 16 million people in quarantine.

Knowing this, citizens of the country, while staying home has managed to come up with a way to somehow lessen the fear they have of the virus infecting more people. Residents started singing, dancing and playing music from their balconies and windows to boost morale amid their countrywide quarantine.

According to Independent UK, in a deserted street in Siena, Tuscany is where the first video emerged of people singing a popular folk song right outside their balconies and windows. The said clip garnered a lot of attention and somehow made a positive impact on the other citizens who are stressed out and living in fear because of the outbreak.

Since then, many other videos have continued to emerge of residents all over the country joining in with the mass singing the show their solidarity and positivity that their situation will soon become better.

In one video that says it was recorded in Turin, people can be heard singing along to the macarena and dancing out of their balconies. Additionally, Daily Mail also uploaded a video of people in one neighborhood in Rome doing the same singing and dancing stunt outside their homes.

This unexpected show of solidarity among the people of Italy has gained positive feedbacks not just to their fellowmen but also to the rest of the world. This just goes to show that our attitude towards whatever problem we may face does a lot. Simply having a positive mind for everything sure does lighten the load and eases the worries of everyone.