Company in Saudi Arabia gets backlash for using an Asian man as “human hand sanitizer”

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused both fear and panic from people all over the world. As the number of affected cases increases daily in various countries across the globe, as a way to avoid the virus, people started to become more conscious of their health condition.

Even companies have prepared preventive measures to also protect their employees and customers of the deadly virus. However, this giant oil company in Saudi Arabia is now highly criticized online after photos of one of their employees which happens to be an Asian man who acts as “human hand sanitizer” spread through various social media platforms.

Photo: @HishamFageeh / Twitter

According to Inquirer, people online are calling the blatantly racist stunt done by Saudi Aramco, a state-owned giant oil company as “dehumanizing and disgraceful.”

The man in the photos circulating online can be seen wearing a  surgical mask and huge mobile hand sanitizer amid the coronavirus outbreak. Reports also claim that the worker seems to be walking around inside and outside one of the company’s buildings and distributing sanitizer to staff members.

Many expressed their disappointment towards the company and even pointed out the extensive racism that is still happening in the Middle East.

Photo: @HishamFageeh /Twitter

After receiving all these negative reactions, according to Fox News, Aramco released a statement via their Twitter account which expresses their “strong dissatisfaction with this abusive behavior that was used to emphasize the importance of sanitization, without the approval of the company’s concerned party.

“The company immediately stopped this act and took strict measures to prevent it from happening again,” the tweet in Arabic reads.

This is a sad reality that amidst this trying time, there are still people who take advantage of their fellow human beings just for their own good. May this event be an awakening to all of us that in this time, what we need is not sacrificial lambs but our unity to fight off this pandemic.