Two girls volunteer to pay for groceries of elderly man that has only a few basic items on his cart

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, people all over the world resort to various means of preparing for the worst. Some choose to keep themselves safe by buying lots of groceries and other sanitary products but for others, this is the time to extend any help they could to those in need of it.

Just like these girls who, in their own little way offered to help a man inside a supermarket.

Image: Lane Blackwater / Facebook

In a post by Facebook user Lane Blackwater, she says that while she was near the counter inside a supermarket, she noticed two girls talking to a man. She noticed that there were only a few pieces of goods in the man’s basket.

As she can hear bits of what they were talking about, she recalls one of the girls offering and urging the man to get more stuff as she and her friend will be the one to pay for it.

Image: Lane Blackwater / Facebook

The man, flustered and shy with the sudden offer refused at first but later on added one or two items to his basket. With this, one of the two girls urged her friend to get more stuff for the man until his basket was full.

His face revealed all the happiness he was trying to conceal as the two good samaritans did something he never expected.

Image: Lane Blackwater / Facebook

After seeing what happened, other customers also extended help and gave canned goods and other groceries to the poor man. The two good samaritans were also later on identified as Martha and Hannah Bailon.

This is indeed something we can be proud of and something we should emulate especially in this time where we are facing a crisis.