No mask no problem: Model uses bra to make her own face mask

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of confirmed cases of the virus all over the world every single day, a lot of people are also trying their best to stay away from the deadly virus. In order to do that, health agencies have issued many directives and the few main points to remember are strengthen the immune system by taking vitamins, washing hands frequently and the use of face masks.

However, as many people are buying sanitary products, markets can no longer produce enough for the majority. With this, others are starting to improvise just like mixing their own alcohol formula and even making their own DIY face mask.

Image: Asahina Yumeno / Twitter

Just like in the case of this Japanese Model who made a fashionable “face mask” using a woman’s bra!

According to MSN, Asahina Yumeno recently took to Twitter to teach people how to make their very own face masks using a bra, some thread, and a needle.

For everyone’s Benefit, Asahina even provided a step-by-step guide to making the fashionable face mask. Here it goes:

  1. Cut the bra in half.
  2. Cutaway the back band, the straps (except for the one that’s attached to your ‘mask’) and the hooks.
  3. Use your needle and thread to sew the straps back into the cup, making sure that you can hook them around your ears for a comfortable fit.

Image: Asahina Yumeno / Twitter

Asahina’s tweet has so far racked up more than 16,000 retweets and 70,000 likes.