Man refuses reward after returning lost wallet despite wife is in hospital, receives miracle after

No amount of money in this world can ever buy the value of honesty. No matter what situation we may be in, it always is a must, to be honest.

That is exactly what was exemplified by this man named Rome Punla when he returned a lost wallet!

Image: Lala Lolou | Facebook

According to Kicker Daily, a Facebook user named Clara Dorene Magbanua narrated the whole story of what happened to her wallet via a post.

Image: Lala Lolou | Facebook

Clara recalls that they, along with her family visited the home of her parents-in-law when she noticed that her phone kept ringing. At first, she just shook it off as it might be just another random call as the number is unregistered on her phonebook.

It was then that she found out that Rome Punla, the honest man who got her lost wallet is the person calling her. Clara was not even aware that she already lost her wallet during that time and was very thankful that it was Rome who found it.

Image: Lala Lolou | Facebook

When the two met, Clara offered a little amount of cash as a reward for the good deed Rome has done but he refused to receive it saying that his only intention is to help. The contents of Clara’s wallet were also intact, even the PIN of her ATM which can be found when you open her wallet was left untouched.

What touched Clara, even more, is when she knew that Rome’s wife is confined in a hospital. Despite the difficult time he is going through, he still chose to do good because that is his life principle.

Image: Lala Lolou | Facebook

Then, it was as if some sort of miracle happened. When Rome went back to the hospital that afternoon, his wife’s condition has become better and she can even get up on her own.

It truly is amazing how God can repay kindness in ways we never expect. So, may this be a lesson to everyone to never doubt to do the good thing because everything pays back in the end.