Heart Evangelista made a her own facemask with class

One of the fashion icons of today’s generation is Heart Evangelista. Her stylish outfits and designer clothes, bags, and other fashionable stuff are always the subject of talks among Millenials. With this, Heart has somehow created an icon for herself and has since shared bits of her everyday life via her personal vlog.

With the recent outbreak in the COVID-19 virus in the Philippines, everyone is advised to take extra precautionary measures. Thus, Heart stepped up her game and made a little demo on how one can make their Do-It-Yourself face mask.

Image: Heart Evangelista / Instagram

A twist on Heart’s part though is that a few of the ribbons she used for her DIY face mask are from designer brands Chanel and Hermes!

According to CNN, in a series of stories update on her Instagram account, Heart showed herself styling her own face masks. She even described her creation as making ourselves safe but in a completely fashionable way. At one point, she said “We are coming up with masks that are prettier because life goes on and there’s work. Wala akong choice.”

Image: Heart Evangelista / Instagram

At the end of the series of Insta stories, she showed her completed DIY face mask and it sure is stylish that one can even mistakenly say that it was manufactured by the designer brank that can be seen on the edges of the said mask.

Meanwhile, as of writing time, according to DOH, there are a total of 52 recorded positive cases of COVID-19 in the Philippines. This number is still on a steady increase as the agency confirm new cases every day over the past week.