“At the beginning of this, we didn’t take it seriously”: Guy bravely reveals their situation in Italy and we can learn from it

The COVID-19 which originated and affected thousands of people in China has now spread its coverage to the whole world and one of the many countries affected by it is Italy.

According to CNN, over 10,149 cases and 631 deaths are recorded and Italy has now declared a national lockdown and the whole country is under a “security zone.” Plus, the government has even announced an “I Stay Home” decree in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

With this, people from outside of Italy are wondering what may be happening inside the country which is famous for its tourist spots?

Facebook user Andrea Pastorelli gave everyone a quick peek of the current situation in the said country in a post which he addresses to his family and friends outside of Italy.

According to the post, when the outbreak was first announced, Andrea and his family did not take the news seriously and even complained that the media was overdoing everything.

Image: Andrea Pastorelli / Facebook

But, a few days later, they realized the severity of the virus as it quickly spread and the number of deaths also quickly increased. Plus the fact that it not only affects the older generations but even the younger ones.

Andrea also realized that the main problem with the too fast spread of the virus is that hospitals become overwhelmed with facing the situation. People show up in hospitals unable to breathe and need ventilators, which are numbered. Each person requires that ventilator for at least 6/8 days which means that people who come after can’t be treated.

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Image: Andrea Pastorelli / Facebook

Milan, being the epicenter of the outbreak, although one of the richest regions in the developed world, with some of the best hospitals in Europe, even announced that they will need to choose who to treat and who they will let die.

This is a post for my family and friends outside of italy. A few minutes ago the whole country was declared a…

Posted by Andrea Pastorelli on Monday, 9 March 2020

Through sharing what they currently experience, Andrea hopes that the rest of the world will be awakened and realize that this Virus is real and it is a thing of concern. In his own words, he said “China would not have built hospitals in a few days if it wasn’t necessary. And Italy wouldn’t be risking its entire economy and millions of livelihoods if it wasn’t serious.”