Woman wakes up to Racist Graffiti “F**k ASIONS and CORONYVIRUS!” on their family car

It is known to the world that COVID-19 is the most deadly disease that is continuously spreading all over the world today. It is also a known fact that the said virus originated in China and has since spread its coverage to various countries across the globe. As of writing time, worldometers statistics say 121, 505 cases and 4,383 deaths have already been recorded because of the virus.

Because of this, it is unfortunate that some Asians living in other countries are experiencing racism and their properties are even being “damaged” by these racist people.

Image: Anna Chandy/Facebook

According to Nextshark, a woman in Fresno, California named Anna Chandy took to Facebook to vent over some unsightly graffiti that defaced her father’s car and greeted her first thing Monday morning.

The message on her car reads: “F**k Asions [sic] and coronyvirus!”

Although the words on the said graffiti were misspelled (which may be intentional), the thought on the graffiti is clear. To this, Anna Chandy cannot contain her emotions that she decided to write up a post on Facebook.

Image: Anna Chandy/Facebook

The post says:
“Woke up this morning to seeing this on my dad’s car! I’m f***** beyond pissed! Y’all motherf****** need to do your damn f***** research before attacking all f***** Asians your dumbf***s!”

Written in blue paint, the graffiti near the back of the vehicle included the word “OSKOE,” which appears to be a “signature” of the responsible party. It also included what seems to read as “B2MC.”

After Chandy took down her original post, she wrote another one which addresses the issue, she said: “Hate crime and racism towards Asians due to the coronavirus is not okay! I mean any kind of hate crime and racism is not okay! My dad and my family don’t deserve this. No one deserves this!”

Image: Anna Chandy/Facebook

Meanwhile, there were other Facebook users who used the comments section on Chandy’s post to also share the same experience they had.

Truly, it is unfortunate that some people have to suffer from this situation just because of being who they are. May this toxic thinking of people change in light of the COVID-19 situation and instead just work hand in hand into preventing the virus from spreading to more areas.