Teacher has a perfect response to student threatening to fail him on evaluation

It is the main responsibility of teachers to instill lessons to students not just straight from the book but also the ones that they will need to become better persons in this society.

However, it is a sad reality that there are some students who tend to disrespect their teachers and there was even this one student who had the audacity to threaten their own teacher!

In a post shared via Facebook by Teacher Paul Pascual, he received a message from one of his students which says that the latter plans to give low evaluation scores to his teacher because he got a failing grade.

To this, Teacher Pascual firmly replied that he does not care about the said threat and is not even scared of it. He further said that the true type of evaluation is the kind of learning he imparts with his students.

Even if he got a high score from the paper evaluation, if his students did not learn anything from him, it is still useless and he considers this his failure as a teacher. He also gave a piece of advice to the student to give the high evaluation scores to those teachers who gave a line of nine grades without exhausting the means to teach the students as much as they could.

Teacher Pascual also re-iterated that it was not him as the teacher who failed the student but himself because of not meeting and complying with the deadlines of requirements assigned to pass the subject.

Image: Paul Pascual / Facebook

Meanwhile, the said post gained a lot of attention on social media as many expressed their disappointment towards the anonymous student for even having the guts to threaten his teacher that way. Nonetheless, Teacher Pascual still taught him a lesson he may never have learned on all the subjects he took thus far.