Gay-Lesbian couple holds a church wedding

When it comes to love, nothing is impossible. It can bend boundaries and change the perspective of people for as long as they believe in that unusual feeling that binds them together.

That is exactly what was proven by this Lesbian-Gay couple named Jan Vincent “Nicole” Cutarra and Mary Jane “MJ” Degamo.

Image: TV Patrol North Mindanao / Facebook

For one, Nicole and MJ held a church wedding to commemorate their union of being husband and wife. On their special day, the couple paid full respect to the rules and traditions of the church as MJ wore a wedding gown and Nicole wore a suit.

Image: ABS-CBN News / Facebook

According to ABS-CBN, MJ and Nicole agreed that although they both had a change of heart when it comes to their sexual orientation, what remains a fact is their natural sexes which were why they decided to dress-up accordingly.

The two wed in Lapu Lapu City, Cebu as reported by TV Patrol North Mindanao. Photos from their union quickly spread online as netizens expressed their varied opinions regarding the couple’s unusual wedding.

Image: ABS-CBN News / Facebook

There are others who praised the couple for being true to their natural being and respecting the church. But, there are also others who bashed the couple and are unsupportive of their union.

Despite this, MJ and Nicole’s commitment to each other is what strengthened their relationship. Plus, they even consider those bashers around them as motivation to fight for the extraordinary kind of love that they have.

Image: ABS-CBN News / Facebook

To MJ and Nicole, all we wish is for their wedding and love to prosper in the future and may they build a beautiful family as fruits of the love that they fought so hard for.