Penguin goes to fish market everyday with his backpack to get his meal

In movies, we often see animals speaking with each other, just taking a lazy walk around a park and even having lives of their own with problems and solutions in the end. However, these are only out of the imagination of writers, directors, and animators.

With all these scenes we see, who would have thought that an act mostly done by humans can also be done by a penguin?

You may not believe it but yes, such adorable penguin exists.

Image: BlackDesertUS / Youtube

According to Elite Readers, this adorable penguin in Japan is captured wearing a backpack and walking to a fish store to reportedly “fetch dinner.”

Apparently, after the family took him to the market for the first time, Lala kept going back. So the family made a decision to put a tiny backpack on him and taught Lala to get fish from the market on his own as reported by Bored Panda.

Image: BlackDesertUS / Youtube

In a video uploaded by Youtube channel, BlackDesertUS it can be seen that the cute penguin is such a pleasing sight that it even looks like a kid on his way to kindergarten. It’s amazing to know that aside from cats and dogs which we often see in households, the penguin can be a welcome addition to this circle.

Image: BlackDesertUS / Youtube

The penguin in the viral photos turns out to be Lala the King Penguin who used to live in the Antarctic. As the penguin struggled for several times being caught in a fishing line, a fisherman was there to rescue the poor animal.

Later on, the fisherman’s family took him in and made him their pet. Lala is now living the life of a pampered pet as she now resides in their home and even has his own air-conditioned room!

This habit of Lala has touched the many hearts of the netizens and many even expressed their desire to own a pet penguin too! Are you one of them?

Watch Lala’s full video here: