Pregnant pitbull hopelessly dies after protecting owner from cobra

Dogs are not just pets. They are a man’s best friend and being a best friend means being more than willing to sacrifice even your own life if it is the only way to save your BFF.

Surely enough, the loyalty of dogs is something that can’t be compared to anything else in the world. Just like how this pitbull did everything she could to protect her owner – even to the point of sacrificing her own life.

According to a Facebook post by Mr. Suriyan Janket, his beloved two-year-old pitbull did the unthinkable when his family had left home, and a cobra had found its way into the family-owned chicken coop.

Image: สุริยันต์ จันทเขต / Facebook

While others may expect the dog to retreat and just leave the cobra to have its way, that is not what happened. The brave pitbull fought in the best way she could despite being pregnant to keep the cobra away from the terrified chickens.

Image: สุริยันต์ จันทเขต / Facebook

Although she was able to contain the cobra and ended up taking the life of the snake, unfortunately, she too was bitten by the deadly snake and just a few minutes later ended up losing her life too.

According to World of Buzz, when the family arrived, it was all too late and all they could do was hopelessly grieve for the loss of a beloved member of the family and also the could-have-been additions to their growing circle.

Image: สุริยันต์ จันทเขต / Facebook

This sight is heartbreaking to see but just proves that the love between dogs and their owners is something that cannot be bought by money. It is something that is worth treasuring, forever.