Woman warns netizens after in-law nearly dies when metal rod from broken chair rips through her leg

When it comes to choosing the appropriate furniture for our home, we should not only consider the price and design but also the durability of these pieces of furniture so that the health of the whole family will not be compromised.

The health of our family members is always a priority, this is why many people share their experiences with several types of furniture to warn other people to be extra careful.

Just like in the case of this Facebook user who shared their horrible experience with a bar stool type of chair.

Dayana Duarte shared via a Facebook post the horrible experience she and her family encountered while they were celebrating Christmas together. In the midst of their festive celebration, her sister-in-law who only weighs 51 pounds sat on the barstool.

Image: Dayana Duarte / Facebook

Just a few moments later, the upper seat came down and the iron in the center pierced the woman’s leg which caused a terrible injury!

She was immediately taken to the emergency room where the doctors informed the family that the victim was still lucky as the iron missed about 3 cm of her femoral area which could have led to a fatal injury. The femoral area is where the femoral artery is located.

According to Healthline, the femoral artery is one of the major arteries in the human body. It extends from the iliac artery near the abdomen down to the legs. The primary function of this artery is to supply blood to the lower section of the body.

Dayana also added that they’ve had the chairs for 3 years already that they no longer have the receipts with which they could have informed the manufacturer of the terrible incident.

Still, she wanted to share her experience so that others may be warned of the possible dangers of the bar stool type of seat. It always pays to take extra caution especially when it comes to things at home. After all, what matters is the safety of the people we love and care about.